Will he come back?

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Will he come back? A tarot reading

Will he come back? is common in tarot readings, and of course it is a loaded question, full of tensions, hopes and fears. Looking at the past we see fights and arguments (5 Wands), then the desire naturally becomes Happiness (9 of Cups), but is that simply wishful thinking? The Art card in the Worries stack suggests overthinking. The Art card is about Opposites, so the fear is that opposites will not unite. However, the Lovers card in the Future is a very good sign that he will come back.

Top Four Cards

Will he come back? Top tarot cards - 5 of Wands, 9 of Cups, Art and The Lovers
  • Past 5 of Wands
  • Desires 9 of Cups
  • Worries Art
  • Future The Lovers

Characters of the Cards for Will he Come Back?

Characters and composition of the card sequence for the Lovers
  1. The Lovers
  2. 3 of Cups
  3. Knight of Disks
  4. 6 of Disks
  5. 10 of Disks
  6. 9 of Swords
  7. Queen of Cups
  8. Ace of Cups
  9. 7 of Cups
  10. Princess of Swords
  11. 8 of Disks
  12. Lust
  13. Queen of Wands
  14. 5 of Swords
  15. The Tower
  16. Knight of Swords
  17. 10 of Cups
  18. 4 of Wands
  19. Princess of Wands
  20. 6 of Wands
  21. 7 of Wands

Elemental Count

  • Fire: 6
  • Water 5
  • Air 5
  • Earth 4

The Elements are mostly balanced with more active cards (Fire and Air) than passive (Water and Earth)

Counting from The Lovers

The Lovers - counting

The Lovers is sandwiched between the 3 Cups and the 7 Wands, a good sign. Lust is the first card to be counted upon, again suggesting success. Counting from Lust takes us to the 3 Cups, then 6 Disks, Success. Then we dip into emotions (7 Cups) which are confusing, possibly caused by a female “friend” and mental turmoil (Tower). It would seem that the man is getting hassle from another jealous woman

  1. The Lovers
  2. Lust
  3. 3 of Cups
  4. 6 of Disks
  5. 7 of Cups
  6. The Tower
  7. 3 of Cups
Card counting from the Lovers card
  1. The Lovers
  2. 8 of Disks
  3. 6 of Disks
  4. 6 of Wands
  5. The Tower
  6. Queen of Cups

Note how the card counting in both directions end up either side of the Knight of Disks. The Tower (refers to past trauma) is in both counts too.

Counting from Knight of Disks

Card counting from the Knight of Disks - will he come back?

Since the card count highlight the Knight of Disks, it is worht analysing. As you can see, the completed count in both directions is not good – 9 Swords and the Tower. It looks like the man she desires has issues that he hasn’t resolved.

  1. Knight of Disks
  2. 9 of Swords
  3. 5 of Swords
  4. 4 of Wands
  5. 7 of Wands
  6. 9 of Swords
Card counting in other direction for Knight of Disks, the love interest
  1. Knight of Disks
  2. 7 of Wands
  3. The Tower
  4. Queen of Cups
  5. 6 of Disks
  6. 6 of Wands
  7. The Tower

Counting from Queen of Cups

Counting from the Queen of has the best of both worlds, and the Knight of Swords comes into focus. As an exercise, count from the Knight of Swords to see more information.

Tarot card counting from Queen of Cups for "Will he come back?"
  1. Queen of Cups
  2. Princess of Swords
  3. Knight of Swords
  4. Princess of Wands
  5. 6 of Disks
  6. Ace of Cups
  7. Lust
  8. 3 of Cups
  9. 6 of Disks

Power Cards

There are no Power cards in this reading. This means that there are no hidden agendas apart from the past effects when the relationship issues were flying around. As teh Queen of Cups, the Querent needs to focus on her own needs and deal with people around her who are making life difficult. When she does this, “when will he come back” is likely in June.

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