Tarot reading – Brexit futures?

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The article below was written soon after the UK Referendum to leave the European Union. Re-reading it, we see the continuing blundering chaos and confusion is an accurate description of the process. The new Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to be playing his own game of certainty – we are apparently leaving on the 31st October. The religious and messianic quality (or fantasy), is stronger than ever.

Brexit futures? Chaos and confusion reigns in the UK and Europe as politicians blunder in the dark as to what to do next.  This is the best time for a tarot reading! You might think that with so much uncertainty, this is not a time to act, but actually this is the best time for spiritual progress there has been for years. With so many resignations, our political leaders are experiencing turmoil and change. Who knows how many politicians are quietly consulting tarot readers on their career, and the career of their colleagues? We don’t have to resign – but do we carry on the same way in our life?

What I and my clients have noticed is that so many blockages and obstructions that have been holding us back for years are no longer there. The floodgates have opened; when there is a flood you either drown or you channel the flow of energy. Alternatively you can surf the waves of spiritual change. If you are really experienced you can even direct that energy for the benefit of yourself and for others. One reason for the removal of blockages is that currently nobody knows what to block or what to oppose, so if you are smart, you can really make progress in your life.

The Future for Brexit?

Nobody has a clue or vision as to what Brexit means – apart from independence.  We do not know the UK’s negotiating position on Brexit, how long it will take, or how long it will cost, and how our relationship will change to the rest of the world. However, we can be powerful and positive to rise above the petty politicking we see daily.

The politically the state of flux is so strong that long-term predictions are difficult to make. If the predictions come true, the landscape will be different anyway. A tarot reading today works best by focussing on what you can do to make changes and be stronger and flexible to make sure you are going in the right direction when all around are going in circles.

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  1. Tony Olliver

    Direction of Brexit, Prime minister – Tarot cast

    Tarot key findings:

    May is the next Prime minster (confirmed)
    Leadsom likely to walk away from Political high office in 2017.
    Article 50 – the formal mechanism for leaving the European Union, will be notified to the EU within the next one to three Weeks.
    Brexit was the well-chosen option
    Be prepared to hear news of either a UK general election or on the other hand, Teresa May could be forced out of power around April / May of 2017 at the latest.
    European Union is likely to enter a period of deteriorating relationships between member states and socio – economic fallout in 2017.

    Direction of Brexit, Prime minister

    A Week in politics is a long time! Even before I had time to complete my Tarot cast, the next Prime minister has been confirmed today.
    For the record, I ought to say that my political views are not on show here. I have remained neutral at all times throughout this tarot cast, choosing instead to construct my findings around allegory and symbolic associations of the Tarot lays.
    Unfolding election of UK Prime minister

    Cups x 10, The Fool, Pentacles x 2, Strength, King x Wands reversed, Cups x 8 (forward motion)

    The Base lay represents the influential character traits of Andrea Leadsom, Teresa May and the former Prime minister, Margaret Thatcher (1979 – 1990). The lay unfolds from left to right; the first two cards are symbolic of Andrea Leadsom’s persona, the next two connect to May and the last two reflect upon the late Thatcher (King x Wands).

    The Tarot suggests that Leadsom is in all likelihood, the most principled of all three Woman. Family orientated, she possibly enjoys greater charm and warmth than the other two Woman. The Tarot suggests she probably holds an idealistic vision of a World toward a society that can work together without discord. This may go against the grain of recent news reports.

    She does, nonetheless, possess praiseworthy intentions but is likely to take a cavalier attitude in her methodology. The Tarot leads us to her impulsive connection, that leads me to believe that she is more likely to take political risks against the advice of her political adversaries. Consequently, the possibility of political blundering is a strong featured significance within her position of power (chart).

    At this early stage, the Tarot indicates that if the election race continues unabated and on the same pathway, she may well eventually pull through to become the next Prime minster. This seems to reverse the findings of recent polls that position May as the favourite.

    On the other hand, there is a sense of naive energy about her and without the support of suitable political figures around her in the run up to the election, she could founder amongst the numerous political cut-throats.

    Arcanum Zero is her biggest hazard on the pathway to power.

    May, on the other hand, features Arcanum eight, which relates to strength and the power of instinct.
    Coincidently, she shares Thatcher’s Zodiac Sign and Like Thatcher, Teresa May is a political ‘survivor’. She possesses a gargantuan ability to take on board great responsibility; but the danger here is that it comes at a cost to her health.

    Unlike Leadsom who is likely to formulate prompt political decisions, May is likely to take time in formulating and executing critical decisions regarding UK and World issues.

    On the other hand, of the two figures,The Tarot paints May as a figure who is possibly more acrimonious amongst people, whilst managing political issues. As a matter of fact, she was once quoted at the Police Federation as saying: ‘you don’t like me, but I don’t care’. Quote.
    This sort of tête-à-tête can be attributed to the allegory of Pentacles x 2, which echoes the material objective thinker; i.e. one who must evaluate and implement ‘quantifiable’ principles, no matter what!

    Who will be Prime minster. Cups x 8 + The Sun + Wands x 10

    Given the 50/50 chance, the cards are not easy to decrypt because the Tarot is saying that May is likely to succeed if Leedsom blunders within the days to come. Nevertheless, note the following:

    Has Leedsom blundered at the first hurdle? Possibly. even likely. Or is she the target of political cut-throats. We may never know.
    The forward motion of Cups x 8, does suggest that the loosing candidate is expected to walk away from political high office by August 2017 at the latest, choosing instead, a new career that is likely to reflect a new pathway from politics. Leedsom is therefore likely to walk away from politics by this time.

    Direction of Brexit + EU unfolding events

    Base lay – Knight x Wands, Swords x 10, Swords x 3, Cups x 3, Cups x 6 (forward)

    Middle lay – Wheel of Fortune, Knight x Cups, Wands x 4, Pentacles x 7, The Tower (forward), Wands x 2 (forward), The Devil (forward)

    Article 50 – the formal mechanism for leaving the European Union, will be notified to the EU within the next one to three Weeks.
    From that instant onwards, we enter a period of hypothetical great disruption, volatility and uncertainty within the UK. The unfolding crisis is likely to be at the deepest level between October 2016 to April 2017.

    In the face of the fact that Brexit is ‘full steam’ ahead, the Tarot says that there will be clear clues developing, that supports a long term favourable outcome, despite feelings of great trepidation by political leaders at the highest level of the Conservative Government.

    Be prepared to hear news of either a UK general election or alternatively, Teresa May could be forced out of power around April / May of 2017 at the latest.

    March / April 2017 is a defining moment in UK political and socio-economic history and it is on the back of news emerging from Europe at this time, that strongly supports the notion that Brexit was the well-chosen option, made earlier in June 2016. This is partly based on the fact that the European Union is likely to enter a period of deteriorating relationships between member states and socio – economic fallout.

    Tony Olliver http://www.tarotworld.org

  2. Ann O'Keife

    Fascinating dissemination of recent World changing events. Thank you.
    As a Rune expert, I was aware the Solstice week and Referendum day was overseen by Dagaz. This is the last Rune in sequence of the Elder futhark and heralds complete transformation, rebirth and awakening. This of course can be both shocking and liberating but ultimately freeing.
    Then a brand new cycle begins. Early few weeks of July is the theme of Fehu. A fiery base energy that fully focuses energies on life purpose, gathering innate talents and wealth creation. This is our collective and individual Wake Up call to take action. Now as we come to the later part of July, the grounding energy of Uruz is a theme. Developing physical strength and mental flexibility to heal imbalances and wounds, and take practical action.
    I agree-this is an exciting perhaps daunting time of inner and outer change -so who’s up for the challenge!?


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