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The Tarot is perfect for conversing with your HGA or Holy Guardian Angel, for it is this entity that communicates to tarot readers when reading for clients.

However, for this communication to work, your paradigm for the Tarot probably needs tweaking. For a start, forget about pretty much everything you have been told about the Tarot and magic. If you desperately cling to the divinatory meanings as the crutch for divination, I doubt your HGA will ever bother, until you get to the point of giving up tarot readings. Divinatory meanings are for the benefit of the mind, which knows nothing anyway. Reading tarot cards is about being aware of, and exploring the energy the flows or is blocked between the cards in a reading, and how those blocks can be removed.

Tarot readers like to think of themselves as holistic, but if they use a tarot spread that does not include all 78 cards it cannot by definition be holistic! Is your life equally balanced between your past, present, future, work, love, health etc? If you do you are in a fantasy world that you are imposing on your clients every time you use the Celtic Cross. One card in one position means you see each area as the same importance which is rubbish. If you are in a job, your life revolves around work, which the Celtic Cross cannot represent adequately.

There is only one decent tarot spread that uses all 78 tarot cards is the Opening of the Key Spread (OOTK), which I have written about extensively. Now, having all 78 cards available in a tarot reading does not mean you have to read and analyse them all, unless of course you are embarking on a mega two or three-hour consultation.

So what is this to do with your Holy Guardian Angel? There is only one expert on the Tarot who worked with his HGA, and that is Aleister Crowley, who had regular communication with Aiwass, who dictated Liber AL in 1904. The Book of Thoth is suffused with knowledge of this entity. Is Abramelin necessary for communicating with your HGA? See the next part..

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  1. Chris matthews

    Fantastic read Paul.
    I find when using the OOTK spread that some communication does take place, but it says EVERYTHING and NOTHING at the same time… In some ways it feels like knowing. Just knowing.
    Thanks Paul. A great article as always 😀


    • pauladmin

      That awareness is about knowing!

  2. Beth Henry

    Wonderful article! It provided conformation to the different intuitive feel of the Thoth deck. Although I am not new to Tarot, I am new to Thoth. So glad to have found the goldmine of information here.

    • pauladmin

      Hi Beth, I will be writing more articles on the HGA…

  3. JoannaKate

    Good article Paul… I read with the Thoth, and am often trying to explain how it is different to other cards… I just say that it seems to engage something within you that is far deeper… you have a good explanation there, I look forward to the next part.

    • pauladmin

      Hi Joanna,

      People do seem to be noticing this energy more, and you are right it is deep. Hopefully I can put a better picture on what is going on in future articles.


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