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Starseed is the term for people who seem to originate from other stars in the universe. I get a lot starseed clients coming to my tarot consultations. How do I know? The clients exhibit many of the symptoms and interests that make them different from the usual queries people have in a tarot reading.

Tarot as it taught is not equipped for helping star seed clients – this is obvious as there is only one tarot deck dedicated to this. I do not have this deck, so I cannot comment on it.

What is the problem with tarot teaching? Quite simply it does not cater for star seeds, who have entirely different interests. For example, the meanings of the tarot cards are almost entirely irrelevant – fortunately I have never been good at remembering meanings, I read the energy of the cards anyway.

How many tarot readers are starseeds?

Tarot is structured around the limitations of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life which is useless for starseed needs. Some people in the starseed community have tried to create an alternative tree of life, but frankly it is better to let the Tree rest in peace. Unfortunately, the purpose of the Rider-Waite tarot deck and its variants is purely for fortune-telling, which is of no interests to star seeds either!

If the main planks of tarot study – the tree of life and tarot meanings – are useless for helping starseeds, what hope is there? All is not lost, for Aleister Crowley’s Book of Thoth tarot, and the Opening of The Key tarot spread are excellent for working with starseeds. Furthermore, the original Golden Dawn instructions for tarot include a cosmological model based around the Pole Star.

Before we go into how tarot readers can work with starseed clients, we need to know their characteristics and signs, and requirements and then understand what we can do for them.

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