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Sex Magick and the Tarot

Chapter 36 of The Book of Lies, “The Star Sapphire” catapulted Aleister Crowley to fame, as Secret Societies showered him with awards and gifts, including the O.T.O. This apparently innocent chapter contains the secret of sex magick, and we are going to discuss this in the next Thoth Tarot Workshop on Sunday 26th July 2020.

Interesting Tarot Workshop last night. We discussed the O.T.O. secret of the 9th Degree” revealed by Aleister Crowley in Chapter 36 of the Book of Lies, which is actually a commentary on Kabbalah Unveiled.

There are two versions of the Tarot as found in the Book of Thoth. The hidden version is based upon the numbers 1 to 10 and the Court Cards above the Abyss, while the version we are familiar with is below the Abyss.

I am all for Group suggestions, and at one point we looked at some of the versions of the Thoth cards that were rejected, and the way Crowley wrote about aspects of the designs that was not included, and why he may have done this. I think we will be a regular topic.

Another participant is interested in Enochian Magick and Tarot so this will be the subject of next weeks Workshop.

Online event renowned Thoth Tarot expert and author, Paul Hughes-Barlow in a series of exciting on-line “virtual” workshops via Zoom on giving professional quality readings with the Crowley/Harris Thoth Deck. This workshop is open to all levels of Serious Tarot Readers. This will be a PARTICIPATORY workshop. The NEXT workshop will start 2:00PM (US EDT) Sunday 07/26/20.Click Here to Register: participants will be encouraged to give readings. This is NOT a free reading session. Participation in this workshop is Free, HOWEVER participation is LIMITED and PRIVATE.In order ensure group safety and keep out any “trolls”, it is important that you register in advance on Zoom for this workshop. Please Click the link below to Register in advance for this workshop: registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing important information about joining the workshop.DONATIONS: Participants are welcome to make any affordable donation they wish to make. If you have enjoyed past workshops and wish to show your financial appreciation, please CLICK the link below to make your DONATION via Paypal.,Anthony Guy Parker for Paul Hughes-BarlowJust to make sure that nobody get’s left behind or falls between the cracks, please click on the “Going” button on the Invitation page. See less


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