My first tarot deck

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My first tarot deck, after over 35 years of reading professionally, has finally seen the light of day. It’s not particularly exciting, but you have to start somewhere. It has got me thinking about what to do next, as I am artistically challenged.

My first tarot deck: the basic materials

I created my first tarot deck from a set of 200 blank cards purchased online, along with a fine black pen, and a set of watercolour pencils.

In the bottom border goes the title of each card, mostly one word for brevity, except of course for the Court Cards which has to be three words.

Basic structure of my first tarot deck

The Titles for the Major arcana come from Crowley’s Book of Thoth, but I am minded to revert Adjustment back to Justice. The titles of the Major Arcana are also from the Book of Thoth; Dominion for the 2 of Wands, etc.

At the top of the Minor cards goes three symbols: the ruling planet and zodiac sign of the decanate and the number. For example the 2 of Wands will be Mars, Aries and 2.

The symbol on each Major Arcana is the astrological or elemental attribution and the associated Hebrew letter (not yet drawn in).

The Court cards will have the basic elemental triangular symbols for now. Again,  I will follow Crowley’s scheme for the Court cards – Knight, Queen, Prince and Princess. The Knights will be on horses, the Princes on chariots, the Queens on thrones, and the Princesses will be standing.

For some of the cards I have tentatively drawn in a border using the dominant colour corresponding to the same card in the Book of Thoth. This ultimately derives its colour scheme from The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. A unique colour for each card helps identification.

As it stands, I can use the deck for readings as there is enough to identify each card. Tarot readers trained to look at the pictures will no doubt be challenged! Perhaps I should devote some time to figuring out what will go on each card.

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