Knight of Wands

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Divinatory meanings of the Knight of Wands

An aggressive or confident man. A leader

The Beginning of a project. 

Powers of the Knight of Wands

Exploring the Spirits of Fire.

I Ching hexagram

51 The Arousing

Enochian Call

The Sixth Key

The spirits of ye 4th Angle are Nine, Mighty in the firmament of waters: whome the first hath planted a torment to the wicked and a garland to the righteous: [g]iving vnto them fyrie darts to vanne the earth and 7699 continuall Workmen whose courses viset with cumfort the earth and are in government and contynuance as the second and the third. Wherfore harken vnto my voyce: I haue talked of you and I move you in powre and presence: whose Works shalbe a song of honor and the praise of your God in your Creation.

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02 – Six of Wands: Higher Powers

02 – Six of Wands: Higher Powers

Divinatory meanings of the 6 of Wands Victory Magical Image of the Six of Wands In the second face of Leo  ascends an image with hands lifted up, and a man on whose head is a Crown; he has the appearance of an angry man, and one that threatens, having in his...

03 – Seven of Wands: Defying Strife

03 – Seven of Wands: Defying Strife

Divinatory meanings of the Seven of Wands Valour The Magical Image of the 7 of Wands In the third face of Leo ascends a young man in whose hand is a Whip, and a man very sad, and of an ill aspect; they signify love and society, and the loss of ones right for avoiding...

13 – Eight of Wands: Boldness, Liberty

13 – Eight of Wands: Boldness, Liberty

Divinatory meanings of 8 of Wands Swiftness Magical Image of Eight of Wands In the first face of Sagittarius ascends the form of a man armed with a coat of mail, and holding a naked sword in his hand; the operation of this is for boldness, malice, and liberty: Mercury...

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