Kenneth Grant

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I always like to push the boundaries of tarot – after all, tarot does cover everything! We recently started discussing the writings of Kenneth Grant! Who is he? He was secretary for Aleister Crowley and was present when the final choice for the images of the Thoth tarot deck was decided in Hastings with Frieda Harris and Dion Fortune.

After Crowley’s death he created his own magical orders, including the New Isis Lodge, and the Typhonian OTO. He is best known for his Typhonian Trilogies, 9 books in all. These are very dense descriptions of magical and mystical lore that expands upon Crowley’s work, and are considered difficult to read.

For years I was ploughing a lonely furrow, but now on Patreon we recently discovered a common passion in him, and I am learning so much. 

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The Pyramid of Power

The mysterious Pyramid of Power appears in Hecate's Fountain by Kenneth Grant, and it represents the Grade structure and syllabus of the New Isis Lodge (1955-62) in London. I this workshop we analyse the stages and topics of the syllabus.

Book of Lies: 61 The Fool’s Knot Workshop

61 is the number of AIN, Nothing, Zero, also the number of the Fool. Crowley uses linguistic and textual clues in the verse to emphasize the levels of meaning. These skills 

The Magus

From the Tarot Club, The Magus, a workshop on the attributes of this card as described by Aleister Crowley.

Analysing the Book of Thoth

Here is one way of analysing the Book of Thoth by identifying groups of structures and quoted booksThis is our first Workshop, open to all Patreons. We will be doing a group workshop every month!

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