Finding your Ally

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Your ally is a powerful spiritual being who has been with you all your life, but you never knew. When you finally recognize your ally the experience is of overwhelming love and bliss, but this is only the start. When the real work starts, you learn your ally’s name, and the aim is for him to be with you 24/7.

Your ally is who you have been looking for all your life, but you probably didn’t know. It is the vague yearning we experience that we cannot put our finger on.

The fact is that we experience our ally many times in our life, but it is usually in times of stress or danger, or in dreams. The experience can be frightening as it can appear in many strange forms such as an animal. Sometimes a voice says “We have been waiting for you…” Your ally never gives up – it keeps appearing until we have the courage to do something. When we work with our ally miracles start to happen, and it is an amazing process.

The Ally and Holy Guardian Angel

The truth is we have forgotten that allies even exist! In the Western magical tradition, it is known as your Holy Guardian Angel. Here the problems begin, for the knowledge and conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel is considered the goal of spiritual work when in fact it is only the start. We work with our HGA on a continuous basis, for our HGA will grow with us. This loss of knowledge and mis-identification is the cause of many ills.

When magicians come across their ally they often confuse it with demons who have to be controlled and subjugated, such as in Goetic invocation rituals. Allies require no rituals – they spontaneously appear. Invocation and evocation rituals actively work to separate the magician from their allies.

Your Ally and Tarot

Many of the clients I work with have these experiences as we embark on a journey of discovery, and the key is working with Tarot. In The Tarot and the Magus, I speculated that the HGA is the “Key” in the Golden Dawn’s Opening of the Key tarot spread. In my second book, Beyond the Celtic Cross, my co-author Catherine Chapman had increasingly spiritual experiences as we worked on the book.

You will not find your ally when your focus is on the divinatory meanings and the images of Tarot cards. It is the the Opening of the Key Tarot spread and elemental dignities and card counting, along with the experience of a Tarot reader who has experienced his ally.

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