Alchemy and the Tarot

While the focus in the Golden Dawn and Thelema is on ritual, Alchemy also played an important part. However, since the 17th century, along with traditional astrology, the Art of Alchemy lost its importance due to science, while Secret Society’s grew in importance.

Aleister Crowley was heavily influenced by his contemporary Carl Jung in the designs for the Lovers and the Art cards which should be read as a pair. Carl Jung realised that the experiences of his patients were similar to those of the alchemists, and over his life he amassed the largest collection of alchemical literature.

The goal of Alchemy is the Great Work, a recurring phrase in Crowley’s writings. As Tarot readers we are familiar with symbols, but Jung saw the deeper processes of Individuation at work.

The Tarot Workshop on Sunday 8th November via Zoom focusses on Alchemy and the Tarot where we will start the exploration of Alchemy and what it means to us.


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