Ace of Wands, Knight of Swords, 4 of Cups

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Interpreting the Ace of Wands, the Knight of Swords and the Four of Cups, Luxury

Reading tarot cards in groups of three is a basic skill that expands beyond the keywords for each card.

Aces always mean the beginning of something, so the Ace of Wands indicates the commencement of an action.

The Knight of Swords is an articulate, educated, professional man.

Four of Cups, Luxury suggests activities that are non-essential, such as a hobby, an interest; the kind of thing the idle rich enjoy, such as purchasing luxury items, pheasant shooting, having the time to indulge in being pampered.

Elemental Dignities of a 3 card tarot reading

The Ace of Wands is fire, but it is spiritualised. The Knight of Wands is Air, and is friendly and active with the Ace of Wands. The Four of Cups is water, passive, and is friendly with Air. Fire and Water are enemies, but the Aces represent the beginning of an element, so there is little contention. As a result, we can say all three cards are elementally harmonious, tending more to action.

What is the Knight going to do?

The Knight is professional, hard-working, serious man; he probably works too much, with no time for a outside hobbies or interests. Now he feels it is time for a bit more work/life balance. He is exploring the options. He has money, for the Four of Cups suggests money to burn, and he can indulge in rich man’s hobbies, or it could be an expensive train set. He is inclining towards fun and could well splash out.

On a higher plane, the man could be starting a spiritual journey or interest. If this man is in your life, you could well find that he will be much more fun and interesting to have around.

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