35 – Three of Cups: Enjoying the Good Things

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Divinatory meanings of the Three of Cups


Magical Image of the Three of Cups

In the second face of Cancer ascends a man clothed in comely apparel, or a man and woman sitting at the table and playing; it bestows riches, mirth, gladness, and the love of women

The first representation of three figures.

Picatrix is clearly the inspiration for the Three of Cups.

Astrology of the Three of Cups

The second or Succedent decan of Cancer is ruled by Mars from July 2nd-12th.

72 Names ruling 3 of Cups

RAH 206

YBM 52

Goetic Spirits of the Three of Cups


The 69 spirit is called Decarabia, he appeareth in ye forme of a starre in ye Pentacle at first, but afterwards at ye command of ye Exorcist, he putteth on ye Image of a man, his office is to discover ye vertues of hearbs and precious stones; and to make ye similitude of all Birds to fly before ye Exorcist, & to Tarry wth him, singing and Drinking as Naturall Birds doe, he governeth 30 Legions of spirits, being himselfe a great Marquiz, his seal is Thus to be made, and worne as a Lamin before ye Exorcist &.


The 70th spirit in order is called Seere, he is a Mighty Prince and powerfull under Amaymon, king of ye East he appeareth in ye forme of a Beautifull Man, riding on a strong horse wth wings: his office is to goe & come, and to bring all Things to pass on a sudden & to carry & recarry any Thing where Thou wilt have it, or have it from for he can pass over ye whole world in ye Twinckling of an Eye, he maketh a True relation of all sorts of Theft and of [110v] Treasures hidd, and of all other things, he is Indifferent good Natured, willing to do any thing ye Exorcist desireth; he governeth 26 Legions of spirits, his Mark or seal is Thus made, and is to be worne as a Lamin &c.

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