34 – Two of Cups: She enjoys company

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Divinatory meanings of Two of Cups


Magical Image of the 2 of Cups

In the first face of Cancer ascends the form of a young Virgin, adorned with fine clothes, and having a Crown on her head; it gives acuteness of senses, subtlety of wit, and the love of men

The crown signifies developed consciousness. In the Three of Wands we saw a woman having rule over the Earth.

Picatrix gives a more nuanced approach to love – that of a woman enjoying the company of men.

Astrology of the Two of Cups

The first or Ascendant decan of Cancer ruled by Moon from June 21st-July 1st.

72 Names ruling 2 of Cups

AYO 81

ChBV 16

Goetic Spirits of the Two of Cups


The 67th spirit in order is called Amduscias, he is a strong & great duke appearing at first like an Unicorne, But afterwards at ye Request of ye Exorcist he standeth [110r] before him in humane shape causing Trumpets and all manner of Musicall Instrument to be heard But not seene also [causing] Trees to bend and Incline according to ye Exorcist [Exorcist’s] will; he giveth Excellent familiars & ruleth 29 Legions of spirits his seal is Thus formed and is to be worne as a Lamin &c.


The 68th spirit is called Belial, he is a mighty king and powerfull; he was Created next after Lucifer, & is of his order; he appeareth in ye forme of a Beautiful angel sitting in a Charriot of fire, speaking wth a comly voice, declaring that he fell first & amongst ye worthier & wiser sort wch went before Michael & other heavenly angels; his office is to distribute preferments of senatorships, and to cause favour of friends & foes, he giveth Excellent familiars & governeth 80 Legions of spirits. Note this kink [! king] Belial must have offerings sacrafices & gifts presented to him, by ye Exorcist or else he will not give True answares to his demands; But then he Tarryeth [will tarry] not one hour in ye truth except [unless] he be constrained by devine power & his seal is Thus wch is to be worne as a Lamin, before ye Exorcist &c.

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