33 – Ten of Swords – Preparing for Future

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Divinatory meanings of the Ten of Swords


The Magical Image of the 10 of Swords

In the third face of Gemini ascends a man seeking for Arms, and a fool holding in the right hand a Bird, and in his left a pipe, and they are the significations of forgetfulness, wrath, boldness, jests, scurrility, and unprofitable words.

Duality of one man seeking to procure weapons – he feels threatened, lacking strength, preparing for a fight. The Fool holds a bird in his right hand, and a pipe in his left. Birds are synonyms for thoughts, while the pipe represents dreams.

The Golden Dawn title of “Ruin” suggests that disaster has already overtaken, but Picatrix indicates being prepared for what is to come.

Picatrix shows ruin arising from futile gestures rather than dealing with the situation.

Astrology of Ten of Swords

The third or Cadent decan of Gemini is ruled by Sun from June 11th-20th.

72 Names ruling 10 of Swords

DMB 46

MNQ 190

Goetic Spirits of the Ten of Swords


The 65 spirit is called Andrealphus, he is a Mighty great Marquiz appearing at first in ye forme of [a] Peacock, with great Noises but afterwards he putteth on humane shape, he can teach perfectly geomitry, & all Things belonging to measuring, [&] also Astronomy, he maketh men very subtile and cunning therin, he can Transforme a Man into ye likness of a Bird & he governeth 30 Legions of spirits his seal is This, wch is to be worne as a Lamin &c


The 66th spirit is called Cimeies he is a mighty great Marquiz strong & powerfull appearing like a valiant souldier, riding on a goodly Black horse; he ruleth over all spirits in ye part of Africa, his office is to Teach perfectly grammar Rhetoric [&] logick and to discover Treasures & Things lost or hidden, he can make a man seeme like a souldier of his own likeness, he governeth 20 Legions of cheefe [chief] spirits, but more Inferior [than] himself his seal is Thus made, & worne as a Lamin &c.

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