OOTK energy exchange

In the previous post I showed what happens if the top cards of the four piles in the OOTK spread are all the same element – the fundamental rules of Elemental Dignities are covered for that element, so you see where the strongest and weakest positions are. This creates an overview for the relative strengths and weaknesses of the cards in each pile. Continue reading

Back from Sabbatical

Back from my Sabbatical refreshed and ready to go for tarot readings!

I was in Lahore in Pakistan, a country that gets a lot of negative press, but I can tell you the people are very friendly and welcoming – religion hardly ever gets mentioned.

Sufi saint Data-Sahib in Lahore
Sufi saint Data-Sahib in Lahore

The main conversation are to do with money , sex, relationships and business – no different from anywhere.

As usual, great hospitality! The big highlight for me was visiting Data Sahib Darbar

on Sabbatical

I am going away for a few weeks, which means I will not contactable via phone, but I can be via email, and contact form from this site. Also, I will not be able to do Skype readings, so please do not send money for readings via Paypal! In the meantime, my office in Brighton is open again, and my brother Tim will be sitting for me, so all is not lost.

Universe Chariot Tower – sex magic

From time to time I will be analysing Tarot cards in groups of three using Elemental Dignities, mirroring and any other technique that comes to mind. The techniques are inspired from the Opening of the Key Spread. Today, the three Tarot cards are: Universe, Tower and Chariot, and beneath their calm exterior is a hidden world of sex magic. Lets see what we can find…

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New Doreen Valiente biography

Just had news that my good friend Jonathan Tapsell has a new book published very soon.

AMETH: The Life & Times of Doreen Valiente

AMETH is the first definitive biography of Doreen Valiente (1922 –
1999), an English Witch who became known as ‘the Mother of Modern
Witchcraft’. Based on the author’s work collating her artefacts,
interviewing people who knew her, reading and researching numerous
personal magical documents and correspondence bequeathed by Doreen,
this book gives unparalleled insight into her magical life

“Within Doreen’s teachings, one feels she is conveying a message
to all, of a gateway to the Goddess and personal enlightenment” –
Jonathan Tapsell

As an author, priestess, researcher and pagan spokeswoman, Doreen
Valiente occupied a unique position in leading the resurgence of
magic, perhaps best exemplified by her creation of the Wiccan Rede –
“an it harm none, do what ye will”. Possessed of a fiery spirit
and willingness to challenge dogma in her search for truth (the
meaning of Ameth, her witch name), Doreen’s tireless quest serves as
an example of the power of the human spirit to accomplish
transformation on a major scale.

Youtube video of tarot talk at Earth Angels Clinic

A demonstration of reading the energy of the tarot at a tarot talk at Earth Angels Clinic in Colchester. I love doing Tarot cabaret – its the challenge of reading to an audience, educating and entertaining at the same time. You can see how well I did here:

Afterwards I did private readings. If you would like me to attend your events, please let me know!

Mirroring the Fool and Universe Cards

Mirroring is a powerful spiritual and magical technique for exploring a concept or situation. To Mirror you need either two differing objects (in this case the Fool and the Universe), or two people who skry at the same time on the question. Another version is the Tarot reader and the client, with the tarot cards between them.

In philosophical terms we are entering the Hegelian Dialectic, and Crowley’s famous formula 2=0. Kenneth Grant in one of his books commented that Crowley told him that meditation on contrasting aspects within each of the Thoth tarot will bring insights. Continue reading