Mirroring the Fool and Universe Cards

Mirroring is a powerful spiritual and magical technique for exploring a concept or situation. To Mirror you need either two differing objects (in this case the Fool and the Universe), or two people who skry at the same time on the question. Another version is the Tarot reader and the client, with the tarot cards between them.

In philosophical terms we are entering the Hegelian Dialectic, and Crowley’s famous formula 2=0. Kenneth Grant in one of his books commented that Crowley told him that meditation on contrasting aspects within each of the Thoth tarot will bring insights. Continue reading

In Memoriam: Donald Michael Kraig

I have just heard Donald Michael Kraig passed away on the 17th March from cancer. I never met Donald, but I considered his book, “Tarot and Magic” as one of the best on the subject, particularly as he tackled Liber 231, and treated the tarot reader as an adult. May he rest in peace.

Professor Mirza retires

It’s the end of an era… Professor Mirza has retired from Brighton seafront after many years of reading palms. He had an amazing client list, and I was privileged to know him from an early time. Soon after I met Punditt Maharaj I was introduced to Professor – they were related. In fact, Punditt Maharaj brought Professor from India, and they started in Blackpool, moving to other seaside towns around the country.

Although I have mentioned Punditt Maharaj many times as a teacher and mentor, Professor also taught me many things about palmistry, clairvoyance and healing, and I am proud to continue that tradition. Socially he was great fun too, and we enjoyed many good evenings in the pub.

I sincerely hope Professor Mirza enjoys his well-deserved retirement.