Typhonian or Caliphate?

In the course of my own work and social life I often meet magicians from a variety of backgrounds. With some of the magicians I am able to discuss finer points of magic, and there are times when I work with them. Naturally I cannot divulge names! Most magicians are a member or affiliated to one or more of Aleister Crowley’s organisations, and as I have to remind you, I am not, nor have I been, a member of these organisations. In fact, nobody has ever attempted to recruit me! I suppose I have to ask first… Continue reading

How black magicians hide

How black magicians hide is a very interesting question. Even when (if?) you find out who is doing black magic, your work does not end there, for there is a technique used that is not found in the grimoires. Surrogacy is the technique, and it is related to walkins. There is always a trail that leads back to the black magician that is impossible to completely erase, just as it is difficult to delete your browsing history. Magicians know this, so they use surrogacy – channelling their work so it appears to come through someone else, usually a friend or relative, or someone known to the victim. Another way is to make it look like it comes from another magician or group of magicians. The possibilities are endless. There are other benefits to this technique, because if the victim finds out, they will either attack their friend/relative/other, which of course causes even more problems, or they will disown that innocent person. Either way, a victory for the black magician.

Triangulating attacks

Finding the perpetrator is not easy – its like a meticulous archaeological dig scraping away the levels, except that we are working in time and space, not a patch on the ground. If you are aware of other situations, you may be able to triangulate the trail back to a common source, which will not be the surrogates. Even then, there is no guarantee you have got back to the origin, but you will be closer, and you do not have to unjustly disconnect from friends and relatives on the way.

Surrogates suffer too

If you are the surrogate, you will suffer in a number of ways, not least being disowned by a friend or family member who thinks you are up to no good. Your own energy energy will be harvested by thet black magician, reducing the amount of effort on their part, making you exhausted, and have health relationship and financial problems etc.. Even worse, if the victim gets help, you could become the target, and be attacked that way. I see a lot of people who are apparently suffering from black magic in this way – they are being used as a surrogate for others – and it can destroy their life.

Old School: Rising on the Planes

The magical technique of rising on the planes has been around for yonks, and it smacks of a very limited perception of your body, what it is, and what is for. In other words your body is a useless pile of shit that can be abused as much as the magician likes. Awareness or consciousness is locked into the synapses of the brain – in other words, consciousness is a product of the brain… how quaint. Continue reading

Walkins – the hidden scourge of occultism

Ever read a book by a practising ritual magician and been confused by apparently contradictory statements littering the text? The classic example is when the book is obviously about black magic, its rituals and techniques. The author will explicitly state he or she never does black magic, and yet, and yet, many places in the book will testify that they do do black magic, and even offer the service! Continue reading

Cults of the Shadow

Magicians love to blur the distinction between the left hand path and black magic, which is the topic of this book. Kenneth Grant tackles the sex magic of the Serpent Power or Fire Snake, with an historical survey from pre-history to modern day adepts such A.O. Spare, Dion Fortune and Michael Bertiaux.

You would think that Thelemites would have no need for indulging in black magic, since imposition of one’s will on another is antithetical to “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”, but that does not seem to be the case.

Highly Recommended

Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God

Kenneth Grant reveals the occult workings of the Fire Snake or Kundalini-Goddess sex magic, the cosmic power that when awakened by magical means assumes the form that Crowley called the Scarlet Woman. Grant also describes a method of dream control that Crowley A.O. Spare and Dion Fortune apparently used to establish contact with extraterrestrial and non-human beings.

Highly Recommended

To Perfect this Feast

Liber XV, or The Gnostic Mass is the one of the primary rituals of the O.T.O. to do with sex magic and remarkably open to the public – times and dates are regularly published.

Written by Aleister Crowley in 1913, this ritual contains many secrets, some better known than others. However, any ritual is open to interpretation, and deviations have an impact on the efficacy. This book is an attempt to create a level of standardisation. This being Crowley, there are several controversies, not least the contents of the sacrament, and there is the frisson of not knowing if the Priestess will appear naked or robed. I am not a ritualist myself, but even I understand the importance of this ritual.


The Book of Lies

The 93 chapters (a clue) of the Book of Lies are an intriguing melange of gematria, jokes, allusions, and hints to magick and the occult.

Why the Book of Lies? Well, anything that emanates from consciousness (truth) is a lie. Many of the chapters directly refer to the Atu’s of Tarot and to rituals. It was one chapter that got Crowley initiated into the O.T.O.

Highly Recommended

The Magical Revival

The Magical Revival primarily concerns Kenneth Grant’s detailed analysis of the Mass of the Phoenix – took me a long time to work that one out. The Mass of the Phoenix originally appeared in 44th chapter of The Book of Lies, 44 being the number of DM, blood. Blood and sex magick go together like, well, an O.T.O. magical ritual. In this book, Grant establishes a lineage going back to Sumerian times, through, surprisingly, Dion Fortune up to A.O. Spare and his Death Posture.

Do not be fooled, the original ritual as found in the Book of Lies seems quite tame, but it is not. The Magical Revival is a ritual in itself for a new age of sexuality.

Highly Recommended